Web Design 101: Top 7 Mistakes You Should Avoid
Web Design 101: Top 7 Mistakes You Should Avoid

Are you planning to a new website for your brand? Well, before starting your project, you need to do a little research first. Remember, it’s crucial not to commit the most common mistakes even a professional website developer make. Below is a list of some of those mistakes.


  • Bad Readability

A website with poor readability wouldn’t be able to set itself apart from the competition. If you want your business to succeed, you need to make scanning and navigating easier for your potential and existing customers.


  • Catchy Domain Name

Your domain name is as important as your business name. Make sure your domain name generates a positive reaction. Also, it needs to be keyword rich so people can easily search for you.


  • Missing Call-to-Action Statements and Buttons

Work hard to convert your website visitors. Don’t forget to incorporate catchy call-to-action buttons to encourage users to convert. Remember, no CTAs, no leads.


  • A Cluttered Homepage

When a homepage is cluttered, it distracts visitors from finding the substantial information they need. Don’t waste their time, and make their research more manageable.


  • Secret Contact Details

Many website visitors and potential customers would, at some point, look at business details. If they didn’t find the information they need, they would leave your page, and never return. See to it that your email, phone number, address and business name appear on each web page.


  • Color Overload

Keep a simple website with relaxing colors. Lots of striking colors can be distracting, so choose one which looks good, and at the same time represents your brand’s philosophy.


  • Clueless Navigation

Navigation should be consistent, simple and predictable. Keep everything simple. Your website is not a puzzle–it should be cohesive with defined directed paths.

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