Bluehost Hosting: 5 Tools Bluehost Gives Customers That Other Website Hosting Companies
Bluehost Hosting: 5 Tools Bluehost Gives Customers That Other Website Hosting Companies

Bluehost and other website hosting providers give their customers dozens of extra services, free of charge. One of the reasons why several industry insiders and business owners love Bluehost is that it offers extra services. Are you looking for a web host for your website project? Read Bluehost hosting reviews in Malaysia. Here are some of the services Bluehost provides to their clients that other website hosting businesses don’t. 

  • Survey and Poll applications 

If you want people to come back on your website, it’s highly recommended to use polls, surveys and other interactive tools. These tools are good for collecting customer data. You will be able to view new products, and read customer opinions. These survey and poll applications can be added conveniently to a website at no additional charge. 

  • Support and Help Ticket System 

What happens when customers are having issues with their orders? Of course, they need to reach out to you as soon as possible. Bluehost can make things easier for you by providing a free ticketing system, so they can submit their forms directly, specifying their problems. 

  • Image galleries 

Instead of utilizing an external image hosting platform on your website, you can use Bluehost’s image galleries, and integrate them on your web pages. By doing so, you can avoid sending your visitors to outside websites. Keeping the images on your Bluehost website can also protect them. 

  • Multi-media tools 

Do you want to use Real Audio, Midi or Shockwave on your website? You will have no problem with Bluehost. It can easily handle and support high-quality multi-media apps. 

  • Mailing lists 

Mailing lists are good ways to market and promote to your target niche. Promoting would be easily manageable, and you will be able to establish a solid consumer base. 

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