Baby Care 101: 10 Baby Toy Safety Tips
Baby Care 101: 10 Baby Toy Safety Tips

Do you love buying baby bath accessories, baby carriers, baby toys and baby bibs in Malaysia? Shopping for your little one is surely fun and enjoyable. Though, when it comes to baby toys, there are quite a lot of safety tips you should know about.

  • Keep the baby toys and other playing equipment in excellent condition. Make sure to discard the ones which are broken, in order to prevent injuries. Conducting a toy maintenance check for durability and safety. 
  • Provide hazard-free, safe play environment outdoors and indoors for children. 
  • Teach your baby to set aside all the toys once she is done playing with them. This can help prevent accidental falls and other accidents.
  • Buy only age-appropriate toys for your child. Always pay attention to those age recommendations on the toys you are planning to buy for your little one. Be aware of safety labels like “hygienic/washable materials” and “flame resistant.”
  • Remove plastic wrappings from new baby toys as soon as possible, as these can pose suffocation risks. 
  • For kids one year old and below, choose pick toys which are lightweight and colorful, with multiple textures, and manufactured with non-toxic materials. Why? Kids this age are learning their way through taste, sound and touch. They are constantly putting things on their mouths to explore. 
  • Never give young kids toys with very small parts like removable noses and eyes. These are considered as choking hazards. 
  • Check the baby toys for sharp edges and points made glass or metal. These toys must not be handed to kids under 8 years old, since they can include wires that can shock, cut or stab if exposed. 
  • Baby toys with ribbons, cords or strings of any type must not be hung near playpens and cribs. These can cause entanglement, injury or death.  
  • If you have other older children, teach them to keep toys with sharp points and removable small parts away from their younger siblings. Very young kids are curious, and may investigate tools and toys which are not appropriate for them.
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