7 Free Places to Find Your Next Remote Web Development Project
7 Free Places to Find Your Next Remote Web Development Project
7 Free Places to Find Your Next Remote Web Development Project

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There are two different kinds of web developers: those who choose to work in an agency where they are going to be a part of a team and ones that choose to work remotely and work on their own.

It is just a matter of preference and there are indeed some people who work best alone. That being said, you might have taken on some freelance projects by going to platforms such as Freelancer, Fiverr, and even Upwork.

But, did you know that those three platforms that I mentioned are not the only places where you can find remote freelance work? Below are just some of the free places that you can get remote web development tasks:

1. Hubstaff Talent

This website provides a rather simple interface and it is complete with filtering options as well.

7 Free Places to Find Your Next Remote Web Development ProjectShould you choose to work full-time or just a part-timer, there are options which you can choose that will highlight those parameters.

It is quite surprising that not a lot of people know of this, but this is actually a solid platform to take on some remote projects.

2. Stack Overflow

This is a popular platform among many web developers. It provides a more robust filtering option which allows you to set the parameters you want to find the perfect job for you.

Just take note that the vast majority of the jobs that are posted on Stack Overflow are full-time jobs, but this is not to say that there are no freelance projects available. You just have to be on the lookout for them.

3. Reactiflux

If you’re more of a front-end web developer and you know how to use the React.js framework, then you have to visit Reactiflux.

This is actually just a Slack community and it is not entirely a platform of its own. However, there are a plethora of web development jobs that are posted in this forum as well.

You can find some backend development jobs here, but for the most part, it is reserved more for front-end coders.

4. CodePen

Even though this platform doesn’t offer any filtering options, you can simply scroll down to find the job that you want.

It is important to note, however, that this website is also more for the front-end coders and not backend developers. Still, this is a good place to find some remote work.

5. Vue

If you’re a front-end developer that knows how to use the Vue.js framework, then Vue is for you. Its filtering options are fairly limited, but you could have the option to find whether the job is for full-time or part-time developers. It also provides you with some jobs for freelancers as well, if that is what you want.

7 Free Places to Find Your Next Remote Web Development Project6. WeWorkMeteor

Also for front-end developers, the good thing about WeWorkMeteor is that it is not only focused on people who know how to use Meteor.js but it also posts some jobs that use other coding frameworks as well.

7. Reddit

Ah, Reddit. The most popular forum in the world. By frequenting some subreddits, you will find some remote work here.

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